We listen when we want to.

We all have selective hearing to some degree. We listen to others and to our inner voice when it suits us. When it doesn’t, we ignore the message either consciously or subconsciously.

We avoid hearing the message for a variety of reasons. We may not like or approve of the messenger, we may not agree with the content, or the message itself may challenge our firmly held beliefs and behavior patterns.

It’s easier to just ignore what we hear. Sometimes we block out the message so completely that we don’t even remember

Many messages we can avoid hearing, sometimes for quite a while. However, often events will force us to recognize what we’ve been avoiding. This usually proves more painful than if we had listened initially.

It’s particularly poignant when we fail to listen to our inner wisdom. It represents our truest, most accurate guidance and can steer us through life more happily and easily when we’re willing to heed it.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to listen with more of an open mind. I don’t have to agree or act on what I hear, but I may miss important and helpful information if I don’t at least listen.

Please reflect and share. What message have you been avoiding?