Prepare to be pleased.

Preparation is often cited as a virtue. We’re advised to be prepared for a variety of difficult circumstances—health issues, financial problems, severe weather, personal loss.

And we do prepare. We buy insurance, save funds, stock up on canned goods and bottled water and may even buy a backup generator, and establish a support network of friends and family.

These are not bad choices. If the difficult does occur, it will be easier to handle because of our preparation.

However, this sort of preparedness emphasizes the likelihood of the negative occurring. We don’t tend to spend time or focus thinking about what we might need or want to do if good things happen. We don’t prepare for our dreams coming true.

Preparation for the positive can help us manifest what we want. If we have a gameplan for what to do when we reach a desired goal, it is more likely to happen because we’re invested in the concept. We are treating success and happy windfalls as a fact rather than a possibility.

Today’s message advises me to be ready to be charmed with how events play out. When I expect the positive, I’m more likely to find it.

Please reflect and share. What pleasant occurrence do you see in your future?