Do it first.

Many days there is something we need or want to do that we would prefer not to do. Our level of resistance can be mild or may extend to downright dread.

Often, we may delay taking on the task because we have emotional baggage around it. We may worry we won’t succeed, we may resent the effort, or we may just have other activities we might enjoy more.

My infinitely wise teacher Nancy Retzlaff once shared her father’s secret to a very successful life. Each day, he first took on the chore he least wanted to tackle. Having gotten it out of the way, everything else that day felt easy.

The approach makes biochemical sense. When we complete a goal, however small, our brain releases a flood of dopamine, rewarding us with feel-good and approving sensations. We gain a happy sense of accomplishment by ticking a dreaded item off of our mental list.

Today’s message invites me to get me dreaded tasks out of the way right away. The happy sense of achievement will buoy me through the rest of my day.

Please reflect and share. What delayed task might you benefit from completing?