Unpleasant isn’t necessarily bad.

Sometimes we’re faced with things that don’t please us or are uncomfortable. It’s easy to regret or resent these situations. We don’t enjoy the experience.

But, sometimes the unpleasant is precisely what we need. Our bodies know to vomit out tainted food to prevent more serious illness. The pain of a burn warns us to remove our hand from a dangerously hot object.

Unpleasant situations can serve a similar purpose. Discomfort is a good way for Creation to catch our attention. It helps us course correct. We learn to change our path, let go, or choose something different.

Today’s message invites me to pay attention to the unpleasant without wallowing in it. When I honor my emotions and senses, I can more easily find my way to something more pleasing to me.

Please reflect and share. How has something unpleasant ending up helping you?