Clear out old messages.

Over the last few days, I’ve made a concerted effort to clear out my email accounts. I have three—one for business, one for personal, and one for social media.

All three accounts had gotten clogged up with old and unread emails. Some of the communications went back to 2013!

I pruned them ruthlessly. There are now perhaps 100 emails total in the inboxes of all three accounts. It feels really good to have the emails limited to items that are current, relevant, or actionable.

It occurs to me that this also is a metaphor for verbal communications. How long have I hung onto remarks made to me in the past? Many likely casual and totally unremembered by their authors. But yet I have them stored inside me, affecting my beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

Today’s message advises me it’s time to get rid of old mental tapes I may have stored. Unless they are current, relevant, or actionable, I won’t want them affecting me.

Please reflect and share. How might you benefit from clearing out old communications?