Self-care includes our environment.

We hear lots of talk about the importance of self-care. Healthy diet, regular movement, good hydration, regular caring contact with others, stress relief—all help contribute to a healthy self. We likely try and hopefully succeed at getting at least some of these activities into our daily routine.

What we make fail to take into account is the effect of our environment on our well-being. Being in clean, pleasant, supportive surroundings is key to our ability to thrive. We are intimately connected in our world, interwoven into it rather than surrounded by it.

This means nothing goes on in our environment that doesn’t affect us in some way. Living in an untidy or unclean home, having polluted air or water, being surrounded by conflict or confusion—all can negatively impact us. When we work to help ensure our personal environment and the world are healthy and in balance, we help make sure we are, too.

Today’s message urges me to pay a bit more attention to having a congenial environment to live in. Any effort I make to improve my environment helps me be stronger.

Please reflect and share. What is one small action you might take to better your environment?