Celebrate whatever, whenever.

We tend to have landmarks in time, days we pick to celebrate certain events or individuals. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day are just a few examples of days we honor other people. Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day holidays celebrate important events and circumstances in our history.

But we are alive or together in relationship with our beloved every day, not just on landmark days. We’re also free and thankful and can appreciate the sacrifices of veterans and the war dead and workers outside of holidays.

It’s lovely to have special days to ensure we honor what matters to us. However, we also can celebrate what’s important to us any day. And it’s advisable to do so, too.

Today’s message invites me to celebrate good things in my life without waiting for a special occasion. I can give love and gifts or express gratitude and appreciation any day I want to. More often is better.

Please reflect and share. What would you like to celebrate today for no good reason?