Our wants limit us.

We all have an unofficial mental list of what we need to be happy. It could be material things like a home, cars, belongings. It could be experiences like skydiving or a vacation. Or it might involve personal relationships like partnering, marriage, or children. Finances may also be involved—more assets or a better or more lucrative job.

As we navigate life, we often make choices based on whether they support our wish list. This makes sense in relation to bigger impact items like relationships or housing.

However, with smaller items like wanting a specific car, we may narrow our possibilities to help enable the dream. In doing so, we may or may not be aware of the potential we are trading for what we believe to be a sure thing.

Simply put, the less we want the more we are open to possibilities. When we can focus our visualization on what’s most important to us, we allow for Creation to pleasantly surprise us in other areas of our lives.

Today’s message encourages me to want less. When I am more satisfied with what I do have, I’m happier and in a better position to successfully visualize my big dreams.

Please reflect and share. What want might you easily give up to free your possibilities?