Free doesn’t mean valueless.

We may tend to think of free items as having little or no value. We are a consumerist society and often feel that what we pay for something is a reflection of its innate worth.

Yet free can have very different connotations, when viewed from a different slant. When we’re given something, it’s tendered freely. It is donated willingly and often with caring and concern. A free gift has value that no amount of money can recreate.

Free items we might find in nature or life at large also have strong intrinsic worth. We’ve happened across them, and the likely are something we may need, stumbled upon at precisely the right time.

When Creation generates a free offering for us, it emphasizes our divine interconnection. Our need or desire has called to us a gift, one requiring no direct contribution on our part. However, in the spirit of gratitude, we may wish to endow others with free gifts to honor the process.

Today’s message encourages me to see the extra value in free items. Serendipity helps me to receive what I need and want at precisely the right time.

Please reflect and share. How special free gift have you received recently?