Be your own best advocate.

Sometimes we long for folks to take our side. We hope that coworkers, friends, family, and loved ones will back us up, validating our feelings and stances and fulfilling our needs.

And it is reassuring to have others in our corner. We feel heard; we feel cared for; we feel worthy.

Often, we may forget the most important person we need to support us—ourselves. We may more poignantly feel the desire for validation because we are not completely backing ourselves.

If we don’t champion ourselves, no amount of succor from others will ever make us feel secure. Rather than waiting for others to back us, we can speak up and request what we need and want.

Surprisingly often, we’ll receive what we ask for. We can always take a firmer stance, if we’re refused and the situation warrants it.

Today’s message suggests that I pay attention to asking for what I need. Advocating for myself is a form of self-love.

Please reflect and share. Do you do a good job of advocating for yourself?