Keep your eyes on the prize.

Our news sources today are full of disturbing stories. School shootings, shootings at parades, gun rights, the repeal of Roe vs Wade, the Jan. 6 hearings, continuing belief that there were issues with the 2020 presidential election. changes in climate patterns—all are controversial issues that can make us feel quite polarized.

At the same time, we bemoan the schisms in our society. We long for respectful social and political discourse and united effort to solve problems.

It’s helpful to remember, in these circumstances, what we really want and hold that vision true and clear. Otherwise, it is so very easy to be distracted by the appalling events covered in news stories.

That’s not to say we should pretend that current events aren’t happening. But we may not wish to have them overtake our sensibilities to the point that we can’t envision a happy, healthy, sane world. We may want to put the difficult issues in perspective and have faith that the essential goodness of folks and life will prevail.

We can certainly take what we feel is appropriate legal action to support our vision, but we may wish to do so out of hope rather than anger. It is advisable to be for something rather than against something.

Today’s message invites me to invest my emotional energy and mojo in visualizing a good life for us and for all of the planet. When I keep my eyes on the prize, I’m more likely to see if come about.

Please reflect and share. How might you best invest your personal energy in light of recent events?