What holds your allegiance?

This Independence Day has me feeling conflicted. There is so much to love about America. We’re a beautiful country with splendid natural wonders and wildlife and many, many good and worthy people.

And yet so much seems to have gotten twisted. We largely ignore the damage to our natural environment and persist in lifestyle choices that aren’t sustainable. Politically and socially, we’re divided, with partisanship often meaning more to us than our commonalities and shared interests. Harmonic and compassionate coexistence often seems lacking.

In my musings, I thought about the Pledge of Allegiance. Today, it just wasn’t working for me. So, I pondered what might better represent my feelings. This is what came to me:

I align myself with kindly and considerate existence. One world, united in love and caring, with liberty, justice, and well-being for all.

It seemed to cover my concerns for our planet and our country, both people and other beings and the environment.

Please reflect and share. What might you feel good about pledging today and every day?