Remembrance is best when happy or helpful.

Memories are tricky. They come both bidden and unbidden. We can (hopefully) dredge up remembrances when we wish to. Past events can also flash into our heads unexpectedly.

A tour down memory lane can be lovely, particularly when we recall good times with each other or with passed loved ones. However, difficult memories can also haunt us, causing us to re-experience pain once more.

Pleasurable memories can be a tonic. We just don’t want to make a steady diet of them in a way that denies the present.

Difficult remembrances can be useful when we are tempted to act on an unwise decision yet again. They can remind us that a different choice is likely preferable.

Today’s message reminds me that I am in control of the memories I choose to entertain. I can allow or disallow remembrance. Self-love will help me decide which memories to permit room in our conscious mind.

Please reflect and share. What is recent memory that is helpful to you and one that is not?