Delay and resistance are best not linked.

We all put things off. They don’t seem important to us. We don’t know how to handle a situation. Or something about what we need to do or should do rubs us the wrong way.

Prioritizing is important and helpful. Some things just may never hit the top of our list. And that’s likely okay.

Not acting when we don’t know what to do is often the best course of action unless the issue is related to health or safety or is time sensitive. Often with time, our best path will become clearer.

Putting something off because it raises uncomfortable emotions in us may not be the best idea. We may be better served by deciding to either do or not do whatever it is we’re avoiding. Or we can set a hard deadline by which we will either act or pass.

The longer we delay, the more the situation hangs over us and the more we likely harbor bad feeling about ourselves, By choosing to either go forward, drop the issue, or make a firm decision by a specified date, we remove some of the opportunity for us to punish ourselves for inaction.

Today’s message suggests I minimize opportunities to procrastinate and then berate myself. When I choose neutrally and evade resistance, I will feel better about whatever I decide to do or not do.

Please reflect and share. What decision or action have you been avoiding and how might you free yourself from your resistance and/or self-blame?