We are the reason life is as it is.

Life is a mixed bag. Some things seem good to us, others bad. While we do find things to like, we also tend to find plenty to dislike.

When we enjoy things and events, we feel blessed. We may feel victimized or cursed when we don’t. In either case, we posit that the cause for occurrences is a force outside of ourselves.

This viewpoint ignores the direct relationship between our beliefs and thoughts and the quantum field. Energy flows where attention goes, and how we react to events and where we place our focus generates more of the same for us. This isn’t punishment or reward mechanism; it simply is how thought and possibility connect and create.

Today’s message urges me to think different thoughts and tweak my beliefs if I don’t like circumstances as they are. Creation and I work together to generate my life.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel about being a divine co-creator?