Gratitude makes things good enough.

We can struggle when things aren’t as we might choose. Our dissatisfaction with one situation can spill over into another, making our life in general feel unsatisfying. It can seem as if existence just isn’t quite what we need or want.

Our specific unhappiness can become generalized, causing us to appreciate little if anything that goes on around us. Ennui may set in, bringing a lackluster quality to our lives. We become less able to notice positive things, large or small, going on around us.

A shift of focus is needed to bring happiness and satisfaction back to our daily lives. When we consciously make thankfulness a habit, we begin to recognize the many good things that occur every day.

The more we practice being grateful, the easier it is to be aware of our blessings. While events around us may not have changed substantially, our outlook has, making what was once unsatisfying now feel good enough. And the more we express gratitude, the more Creation will bring us further instances of what we appreciate.

Today’s message invites me to up my gratitude quotient. I am blessed and surrounded by goodness in the details of my everyday life.

Please reflect and share. What are you grateful for right now?