Pay attention to what irritates you.

Often, when something or someone annoys us, it is difficult to stop thinking about it. We can get stuck in a thought pattern of going over the irritating situation, revisiting it again and again.

That type of noticing and dwelling on an annoyance isn’t really helpful to us. We are simply focused on what we don’t want. The attention and energy we expend on the undesired just attracts more of the same to us.

However, being aware of our own foibles can be very useful in teaching us how to be happier and more satisfied with life. When we notice what types of situations regularly annoy us, we have a clue to our own inner workings.

Often behavior we find irksome in another is something we do or have done ourselves. Other folks can serve as a mirror to help us recognize our own traits. When we recognize a pattern to our regular irritation, it can spur us to self-reflection and potential change.

Today’s message invites me to pay attention to what regularly annoys me. When I learn to deal with the irritating behavior in myself, I will free myself to be more carefree.

Please reflect and share. What annoys you regularly?