Give what you can give joyfully.

We all are generous, at least from time to time. Our reasons for giving can vary. We may feel indebted, may wish to help, may feel pressured to give, or may want to share our abundance with others.

So, sometimes we give freely and happily. Other times we may donate our time, focus, or assets under some level of pressure.

When we give joyfully, our gift is magnified. There is our contribution itself and also the present of our shared happiness in being able to give.

When we give under pressure, the generosity of our gift is tainted by some level of unwillingness or bad feeling. The sharing is marred for both us as donor and the other as recipient.

Today’s message advises me to give joyfully whenever possible. The impact of my generosity is increased when free will and happiness accompany it.

Please reflect and share. How often do you give happily?