Acceptance removes the sting.

We all struggle with things and situations we’d rather not have. We don’t like the experience and our resistance only seems to make things harder.

And yet, we feel like we are giving up if we don’t try to fight what’s going on. It can somehow feel wrong to just surrender.

However, we will only find peace with what’s in front of us if we accept it. Acceptance doesn’t mean we wholeheartedly endorse the experience, just that we recognize what is.

In doing so, we don’t expend energy trying to fight what may be inevitable. This gives us more wherewithal to try to find ways to cope with or reframe what is going on.

When we approach the situation from a more neutral internal space, we will find that it may not be quite as painful as we originally thought.

Today’s message invites me to accept what I may not be able to change. When I’m not fighting what is, I may find ways to be happier with it.

Please reflect and share. What have you been resisting?