Compassion is medicine.

There’s no shortage of problems in life, both ours and others’. Life is a mixed bag, some things we like and some we don’t care for. While we can appreciate the many good things, we may struggle with what to do with the hard things.

In some cases, we may be able to take positive action to alleviate difficult situations. Other times, the scenarios are outside of our control. There may be nothing we can do to make things better.

However, we can care and be compassionate. Well-wishing an individual or situation may not visibly yield immediate results, but it does have a helpful effect. We’re generating positive energy to help shift things in a beneficial way.

Compassion is medicine, both for others and for us. When we bless others, we also bless ourselves by raising our vibration with love. When we offer ourselves compassion, we make the world around us a kinder and gentler place.

Today’s message reminds me that most things can be improved by loving compassion. Compassion is a balm that I can spread liberally on life.

Please reflect and share. What individual or situation could benefit from your compassion right now?