Plans are meant to be changed.

Most of us plan to some degree. It helps us make sure the most important things are accomplished. Planning also helps us feel a measure of control over our lives.

While plans are useful, they are made at a particular point in time. Frequently, situations shift after our plans to handle them have been made. Because we may have put time, effort, and thought into planning, we may be reluctant to change our plans.

However, sticking to an outdated plan won’t bring us the best results and may even result in failure. Trying to hold to a plan made in the past can be like trying to wear clothing we’ve outgrown.

When we’re willing to tweak our plans, we acknowledge that life flows. Our flexibility helps us react appropriately in any moment.

Today’s message reminds me that my plans are really just suggestions about how I may wish to deal with life. Allowing and welcoming opportunities to refine my plans leads me to better outcomes.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable with changing plans?