Keep doing what’s working.

We’re not entirely successful all of the time. We take some actions that work well. Others are a miss.

If we have a strategy that isn’t working, we may be tempted to drop it entirely. We may feel we need to start from scratch.

That usually isn’t the case. Our failed strategy likely had some portions that were a success and some that weren’t. In discontinuing our plan entirely, we may cast off things that were working.

When we’re tempted to drop a plan in its entirety, we’re well served to do a quick review before making a decision. We can salvage the parts that worked as desired and use them as a starting point for a new set of actions.

Today’s message encourages me to use a neutral eye when reviewing what I may see as a failure. When I can retain and build on my wins and calmly let go of my losses, I’ll be well positioned to be even more successful in my endeavors.

Please reflect and share. What do you do when an overall plan isn’t working?