What we fear comes to haunt us.

Fears and bugaboos plague us all. We fret about our health, finances, personal image, relationships, loved ones, etc. There are plenty of things we can imagine that might go wrong.

In worrying, we invite misery in two ways. We make ourselves unhappy in the present at the prospect of something that might never occur. This leads us to suffer in advance for something that is only posited.

We also increase the likelihood of the feared circumstances becoming reality by adding energy and emotion to imagining them. We’re using our personal power to manifest, even if it is something we’d rather not see occur.

Today’s message suggests that I don’t want a bff relationship with fear. When I disallow worry, I can enjoy the present moment more fully. I also reserve my personal power for imagining what I DO want.

Please reflect and share. How do your fears work against you?