We aren’t the center of our world.

We tend to see life in terms of how it affects us. It’s hard not to. Experiencing through our physical senses is very personal.

We are, however, part of a larger pattern, a unified divine whole. For any event, there are as many different ways of interpreting it as there are participants.

In spite of acknowledging the limits of our perception, it’s hard not to take life personally. We struggle to see things from another viewpoint.

From our circumscribed perspective, it can be a challenge to comprehend some occurrences. Particularly if we don’t care for an outcome, we may strive to make some sense of it.

Understanding likely will elude us unless we can take a larger overview. Contemplation can help us achieve this broader perspective.

When we consciously connect with the divine in some way like prayer or meditation, we expand our awareness into the unified consciousness, allowing us to find peace and acceptance in difficult circumstances.

Today’s message advises me to not take what I perceive to be setbacks personally. Creation is always generating life around me for my benefit, even if I grapple with understanding how and why.

Please reflect and share. How do you connect with the divine?