How can be more important than why.

We may struggle to understand things. Particularly in challenging circumstances, we want to understand why they occurred. The less things make sense, the more we feel the need to know the reason they happened. We somehow feel more in control if we know why.

Truthfully, this knowledge changes nothing. It doesn’t undo what went on. But we trick ourselves into feeling better by placing meaning on the circumstances. If something difficult occurred for a good reason, we can accept it more easily.

And this is where trust comes in. Things do have a purpose, even if we don’t know what that might be. When we’re willing to accept what happened, believing that the why may be beyond our comprehension—at least for right now—we are more open to possibly getting an answer at some point in the future. And we aren’t stuck ruminating on the pain.

This represents the how in the equation. Our trust that Creation has our back, even if we can’t perceive it in all situations, sustains us with grace in hard times. How we handle adversity makes a bigger difference than why it occurred.

Today’s message reminds me to trust that all is for my benefit at all times. Knowing that divine love is interwoven into all beings, things, and circumstances, I am freer to move past loss and challenges. The truth of Creation’s intrinsic love sustains me always.

Please reflect and share. Is it important to you to understand why things happen?