Walls don’t make us safe.

Most of us feel unsafe, to some degree or another, in life. Crime, contagious disease, uncaring people, extreme weather, economic fluctuations all can leave us anxious and fearful of what might happen to us.

We may try to create safety around ourselves with alarm systems, guns, personal boundaries, cautious habits and more. On a metaphysical level, we may erect psychic protections and use talismans we believe will keep us safe.

All of this may or may not work to some degree, but many of us feel we need to take precautions to keep ourselves safe.

This behavior arises from the mindset inherent in third-dimensional consciousness—separation consciousness. This is the belief that we and all other beings and things are separate from the divine and from each other, flawed and unsafe.

As long as we hold this belief, we will live in fear at least some of the time. It’s an uncomfortable way to be and certainly won’t make us happier or freer.

That’s not to say there is no merit in locking our doors or having good health hygiene like handwashing. But we don’t want to do these things fearfully but rather as a good common-sense practice.

Our true safety lies in recognizing the divine interconnection that underlies and unites all creation—conscious love. Love holds us safe.

Today’s message reminds me that love is the only power and has the only real ability to provide me safety. When I am more concerned about being united in conscious love with all Creation, I will be less fearful and won’t feel as strong a need for protection.

Please reflect and share. What do you feel keeps you safe?

For more on the topic of separation consciousness, please see Chapter 3. Into and Out of Separation Consciousness, in my book The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.