Why is a question we should answer rather than ask.

Particularly when things don’t go our way, we may ask “why?” Why didn’t I get the promotion? Why did my partner break up with me? Why did I get sick? Why can’t I lose weight?

In all this questioning, we’re generally looking for answers outside of ourselves. This puts us in victim stance, which negates our personal power.

When we start reframing and answering these questions ourselves, we open ourselves up to what actions we can take to deal with a situation we don’t like. What do I need to do to make myself a better candidate for promotion? How might counseling help me understand any unhealthy relationship issues I have? Am I engaging in healthy self-care? Am I willing to deal with any personal issues underlying my weight gain?

After all, we only have control over our own actions and not those of others or the world at large. In answering our own questions, we put the focus on areas where we have power and choice.

Today’s message invites me to review my personal responsibility when I find myself asking “why.” It’s okay to be unhappy about something I don’t care for, but then I need to figure out how to cope and eventually thrive in the circumstances.

Please reflect and share. Do you often find yourself questioning why things are as they are?