Inner conflict generates outer conflict.

Conflict seems to be part of human nature. We spar at work, fight with our spouses, have power struggles with our children, and get caught up in polarized political viewpoints. Even though we believe we want peaceful lives, some aspect of conflict often is present in our lives.

When we struggle with emotions and beliefs, we project them outward. We play this division out in our interactions with others, so we can understand it more readily. Unless we’re aware of this tendency, we may simply believe other folks are being jerks.

Once we reach the humbling realization of projection, we understand that when we’re conflicted with others we’re conflicted inside. We learn that if two aspects of ourselves are in disagreement with each other, we will find that dynamic represented in our relationships with others as well.

Today’s message invites me to engage in soul searching whenever I find myself embroiled in conflict. When I am at harmony with all parts of myself, I find peace in the outside world.

Please reflect and share.