Creative freedom.

We may be aware of the value of a creative hobby or pursuit. To invent or make something using our imagination is healing and self-affirming.

We may write, paint, draw, make music, sew, knit, crochet, do woodworking or metal work, etc. Or we may do a number of these activities. Bonus points to us if we do more than one!

We may be proud of the results of our endeavors. We may even want to show them off to others. The approval may feel affirming to us.

It’s most important that we feel good about our creative process. The creativity itself frees our inner natures. The actual results aren’t as important. The less we judge our efforts, the more readily creativity will flourish.

Today’s message reminds me that creativity is a process and not an end result. It’s more about how I feel and less about what I make. Like love, creativity flows best without conditions.

Please reflect and share. What are your favorite creative pursuits?