Our problems arise from our personal agendas.

We all, to some degree, have a personal agenda. Each of our agendas is subjective and unique to us.

Our agendas mirror what matters to us. When we pay attention to them, they help ensure we channel our efforts to support what we believe in and care about.

This is all good, much of the time. But issues can arise when we place our agenda ahead of another’s well-being or even our own well-being. This scenario can cause conflict with others or a depletion of our personal resources.

We also can encounter difficulties when what is doesn’t synch with our agenda. In this instance, we’re likely to feel unhappy. It likely doesn’t occur to us that our personal agenda might need revision.

Today’s message invites me to detach a bit from my personal agenda. When I pay a bit more attention to Creation’s agenda and place a bit less focus on what I think should happen, I’m likely to do better and be happier.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel about your personal agenda?