Do the necessary with grace.

All of us have things to do that we’d prefer not to do. Some of them are things we ought to do. Others are things we have to do. It can be helpful to understand the difference. Then we can focus only on the necessary items.

The must-do chores can feel onerous. The preparation, filing, and paying of income taxes comes to mind. We’d rather not do so, but there really isn’t another good option.

We understand we have to do these things, but we may postpone or complain. And that resistance makes the undesired task even more difficult.

When we remove the emotion from these tasks, they become more neutral. They’re just things we need to do, like brushing our teeth, cleaning the toilet, or buying groceries. We may not be able to summon up enthusiasm for these chores, but we can make them more bearable with a cup of tea or coffee and a favorite playlist.

Today’s message suggests I approach to do’s I dread more strategically. When I dump the negative emotions around them and try to inject some feel-good accompaniments into the time I spend on them, they will become easier and faster to accomplish.

Please reflect and share. How do you handle tasks you’d rather postpone?