Life nudges us as hard as it needs to.

Sometimes we’re hit with unwanted circumstances. Things may seem to be going badly wrong, or at least certainly not in the direction we had hoped they would. We may struggle and resist change. We hope that things will go back the way they were, even if that wasn’t particularly good.

It may be hard to remember, especially when events are painful, but life is always for our benefit. We attract the circumstances needed to urge us to go along the path to our highest good.

A loving parent stops carrying a baby everywhere so they can learn to locomote themselves. In the same way, infinitely loving Creation generates situations in which the only way out is for us to move and be in new ways.

Today’s message reminds me that when I feel life is treating me harshly, it is actually conspiring for my benefit. When I can find the good in all circumstances, I unlock more of life’s essential mojo.

Please reflect and share. How might a current struggle be transformed by changes in yourself?