Prepare to be amazed…every day.

Most of our lives unfold to a routine. We have daily commitments like childcare or jobs. Regular social activities like bowling night or prayer circles give us a break from the humdrum, but still are anticipated and routine. Our lives, for the most part, have a script.

Within this chain of expected events are tiny gems of extraordinary beauty, if we only allow ourselves to notice them. The song of a robin welcoming rain, the moon peeking out from a halo of clouds, the hush generated by a heavy snowfall, the scent of lilacs born on the breeze—these are just a few examples of momentary treasures we can savor if we allow our awareness to escape the routine actions of our days.

Today’s message invites me to notice more of the small wonders of life. These peak experiences, however fleeting, will leave a greater impression on me than all of my regular daily activities. I celebrate the small, unexpected joys of life.

Please reflect and share. What wonder is going on around you right now?