What makes you happy?

Most of us have at least a vague idea of what makes us happy. We may also have thoughts about what we think would make us happier—a love relationship, a different job, more money, improved physical well-being, a fitter, trimmer body.

Should we achieve these wishes, it’s very possible that they wouldn’t provide a significant amount of longer-lasting happiness. It’s probable we’d simply find a new desire to replace the old one.

If we self-monitor for a few days, we might be surprised that what actually brings us satisfaction and happiness is different than what we might believe. A day we think of as good might include a larger joy-inducing event, but it also might be represented by a day that holds a series of small-scale happy events.

Being grateful for joys, large and small, as they occur will help us be more aware of what actually makes us happy. Once we’ve reached a clear understanding of what brings us joy, we can actively pursue more of the same.

Today’s message reminds me that it is up to me how much happiness I feel in a day. When I choose to savor the small joys in life and set out to experience more of them, I generate my own happiness, one that isn’t dependent on larger-scale wishes.

Please reflect and share. What makes you happy?