Present your best self.

Many of us struggle with our self-images. We worry about how others might view us. We may not see ourselves kindly, either. We may wear a facade to try to cover for these fears.

In truth, there is a perfect person inside of us. As an integrated part of a unified divine whole, we can be nothing less than essentially perfect. However, we can layer over that perfection with dysfunction—fear, anger, shame, resentment, regret, etc.

When we remember who we truly are, we can present that face to the word. We are kind, intelligent, compassionate, curious, funny, inventive, loving. When we allow recognition of our true self to inform our behavior, we show our best aspects to the world naturally and easily.

Today’s message suggests that I recognize my finer qualities and let them drive my interactions with all of Creation. When I see myself as divine and all others as divine as well, the essential quality of my life changes. I am love interacting with other aspects of love.

Please reflect and share. What face do you show the world?