Recovery has its own timeline.

By the time we decide to take action on an existing problem or condition, it may have been ongoing for some time. The issue likely has been gradually building a while, until it became painful enough for us to feel the need to change.

Once we’ve made the determination that a shift is required, we probably feel ready to see results…right now. Although the scenario may have been creating itself for years, much of our usual reserve of patience may have been exhausted putting up with situation to this point.

If we rush to force improvement, we may risk making things worse or limit the extent of our advances. By committing ourselves to reasonable and sustainable personal changes, we allow for a gradual and more likely permanent upswing. We can and may wish to set goals for ourselves, with the understanding that the issue itself may control the timeline.

Today’s message encourages me to have patience and confidence in areas in which I seek improvement. When I can visualize the desired end state and take regular and incremental steps to get there with assurance, I am most likely to be successful.

Please reflect and share. How do you approach changing long-standing conditions?