Power is available when we own it.

Most of us would like to feel more powerful. Unfortunately, we often have stories we tell ourselves about how and why we don’t have personal power. Perhaps we’ve had difficult experiences and interactions that lead us to believe we don’t have the ability to generate what we want.

As divinely interconnected parts of Creation, we all have equal potential. No one of us is, in essence, more valuable or powerful than another. However, we may not see ourselves that way. We disempower ourselves with our self-beliefs of unworthiness or imperfection.

Owning our own power may also raise fear in us. If we were powerful, what might we be able to alter? And what would our lives look like? Change, although desirable, can also be scary.

Either way—whether we believe we do or don’t have personal power—Creation honors our beliefs by generating in accordance with them. So, we benefit when we have faith in our ability to manifest what we need and want, in our capacity to survive and thrive in life.

Today’s message invites me to trust in the power invested in me as part of Creation. My personal power, my love for life, leads me to find and experience wondrous things.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel about your power?