Rest is essential for growth.

We’re conditioned by society to achieve. The belief that grinding is important to success is ingrained in us. If we’re failing to achieve a goal, we may inevitably think that we simply need to try harder.

In this belief, we ignore the fact that we’re biological beings and not machines. Plants grow deep roots in winter and have their best growth at night, when it’s dark. Yet we somehow think that rest is a waste of time and counterproductive to our dreams.

In truth, we think and perform better when we’re well rested. A pause in our efforts allows us to re-evaluate our progress so far and may spur us to dream up new approaches. Our minds are clearer when we’re not fatigued. The longer we stay on task, the less effective we become. A recuperative break can be just what we need to gain fresh insight and momentum.

Today’s message reminds me to ensure that I’m getting adequate down time. When I pause regularly to renew myself, I bring my best to whatever I do.

Please reflect and share. Are you able to rest without judging yourself?