Memories are a form of experience.

We all have memories we hold close. Some are memorable because of their beauty and others because of their pain. When we bring them to mind, we fall into the same sensations and emotions we experienced when the memory was created.

Scientific studies have shown that eating an apple and remembering eating the same apple stimulate the identical parts of the brain. In other words, our brains can’t really differentiate between an original experience and the memory of one.

Memories can be involuntarily triggered. A random sound or smell can take us back instantly to a previous experience. However, once the memory is prompted, we can choose whether or not to persist in reliving it.

We also can voluntarily initiate memories. Recalling happy times with others, beautiful scenery, or the pleasure of a splendid meal are all positive choices.

Today’s message urges me to be selective in which memories I opt to entertain. When an unpleasant memory arises, I can choose to replace it with a pleasant one. I elect to replay memories that bring me joy!

Please reflect and share. What role do memories play in your daily life?