Movement generates energy.

Sometimes we feel tired and/or bored. We may not be happy with what is, but we also may not feel up to doing anything about it. It can seem like doing something to shift the situation would just be so much work.

Unfortunately, stagnation doesn’t generate change or energy. We may need some down time to recuperate, if circumstances have exhausted us. In that case, rest is a change from what we had been experiencing and can help us regain our energy.

Other times, we may need to get momentum started by taking action. Choosing to try something new or do something differently can pique our curiosity. The desire to explore or have new experiences can be an excellent way to motivate ourselves. Inquisitiveness can get us started and keep us moving.

Today’s message advises me that I can generate energy for myself through change and movement. Activity and curiosity will help me feel healthy and energetic. I channel my inner kitten!

Please reflect and share. Does curiosity motivate you?