Reinforce only what you want to see repeated.

We can dwell on things. We ruminate on a past or potential event, going over and over it in our mind. We expend quite a bit of thought and emotion in this pondering. And because of our energetic investment, it has power to create.

Hopefully, we’ve been visualizing what we want to see, what would make us happy. However, we also may have been picturing what we don’t want, running through fearful scenarios over and over.

Either way, our imagining affects how our life is and will be. While we are visualizing, we get to feel all the emotions around what we picture, whether good or bad. So, we live our visualization at least once in the present and each and every time we repeat it. We also live it again when it becomes physical reality.

Today’s message advises me to be selective in what I think about. I generate my present and my future by what I choose to ponder.

Please reflect and share. Do you discipline yourself to only think about what you want?