Personal preferences only apply to us.

We all have things we prefer. We find them good, pleasant, and desirable. It seems logical to us that others would too. And that’s where we may be wrong.

Our preferences develop as a result of our unique experiences. We all have our own personal history, different from anyone else’s, While we may share some experiences in common with others, no one’s backstory will be identical to ours.

So, no one else in the world will like or dislike things exactly as we do. In fact, many folks’ preferences may not resonate with us at all. We may struggle to comprehend their likes and dislikes. If we know them a bit more intimately, we may begin to understand how their past shaped their tastes.

Today’s message reminds me that my preferences are only relevant to me. I don’t need to understand other’s proclivities, I merely need to respect them.

Please reflect and share. What preference to you have which others might not understand? Keep it safe for all audiences, please.