Reversing things doesn’t always mean undoing them.

We sometimes think that we can easily reverse a decision. And often that may be true. But occasionally it isn’t.

Sometimes a decision has long-lasting implications. What we’ve chosen can be irrevocable. For instance, we can’t put back a gallbladder once it’s been surgically removed.

Or we may be able to halt an action we’ve put into play—for instance a monthly scheduled payment—but we won’t be able to recoup the money we’ve already spent on past payments.

That said, sometimes being unable to undo something can also be in our favor. The gallbladder we had removed might have been full of stones and causing us uncomfortable symptoms. We certainly wouldn’t want that back again.

Today’s message brings the understanding that decisions can’t always be undone. Usually that’s okay for me. I simply need to be aware that whether or not I can reverse them, I always need to be willing to live with the consequences of my decisions.

Please reflect and share. Have you ever made a decision that couldn’t be undone?