Opinions can’t alter the truth of who we are.

We all—to some degree—feel affected by opinions about us. We hold ideas, some positive and some negative, about ourselves. Others also have and frequently express judgments about us. We’re surrounded and filled by ideas of who we are and how we’re doing.

And yet, that changes nothing about our essential nature and gifts. We are always intrinsically perfect, part of a divine, interconnected whole. We’ve learned skills and also have inborn talents which we’ve likely developed. Opinions we and others have about us may affect our behavior, but they can never touch the reality of who we truly are.

Today’s message reminds me that my own and others’ opinions of me are irrelevant. When I look to love, kindness, and curiosity to guide my actions rather than judgments about me, truth leads me into happiness.

Please reflect and share. How can you minimalize the impact of judgment on your life?