Life is flow.

We may tend to think that safety is lack of change. Our belief may be that in static conditions we can thrive. And in this we are mistaken.

Life and its processes are about movement. Blood circulation, digestive processes, photosynthesis, elimination all relay on things changing from one state to another. Our physical existence requires flow.

Our mental health also relies on movement. When we aren’t challenged, if we resist new thoughts and ideas, we become mentally stagnant. And stagnancy implies death. It’s vital to a healthy mindset to keep our minds fresh and sharp, which involves exposure to new people and situations.

Today’s message invites me to up my flow quotient. Healthy foods, physical exertion, mental stimulation, emotional expression. and spiritual connections. all will keep me flowing on all levels.

Please reflect and share. What do you do to keep your existence flowing and fresh?