Love conquers prejudice and judgment.

We constantly form opinions about people, situations and things. It seems to be part of human nature. We can’t seem to stop evaluating and judging. Once we’ve formed an opinion, we tend to stick with it. We develop prejudices which influence our perception of what is.

When we’ve judged someone, we will usually view them ongoing on that basis. The problem is that our initial judgment may not have had a sound reason, and it can block us from understanding that people and situations are constantly changing and evolving.

Viewing someone or something through the eyes of love—as the divine Creation does—can help us escape from this trap. Love erases the need for judgment and dissolves prejudice.

Today’s message asks me to see where prejudice and judgment may be clouding my vision and replace them with love. When I love others and myself without reserve, I free myself to experience life more purely.

Please reflect and share. What is one prejudice or judgment it would help you to release into love?