Perfection can be easier to appreciate in retrospect.

We have the tendency to pick things apart. It can be easy to recognize flaws in folks and situations, sometimes easier than seeing their merits. Often faults generate a stronger emotional reaction in us, causing us to notice and remember them more than pluses.

Looking backward, it can be easier to have a balanced perspective. What may have seemed nearly intolerable at the time may now be revealed to be a minor annoyance. Our love and fondness can also soften the impact of a fault. Although most people, situations, and things are mixed bags, the extent of their perfection may be more clearly seen with the passage of time.

Today’s message invites me to apply a retrospective perception to my current life circumstances. When I apply a more even-handed and kindly take to beings and circumstances, I will be able to realize their perfection currently.

Please reflect and share. Do you find it easier to appreciate things retrospectively?