Take small regular steps and trust in a good outcome.

Where we want to be in a situation can be far from where we currently are. The gap between the two can feel daunting. It can seem like the effort needed to get from here to there is more than we can give.

That’s because we make the mistake of thinking we need to make a major ongoing push to achieve our goal. Often only simple small consistent actions are required.

Whether we’re trying to get more physically fit, lose weight, tame a shy animal, eat healthier, or build up a saving account, the process is the same. We identify little regular actions we can take comfortably and persist with them, trusting that over time they will add up to a positive result.

Today’s message encourages me to visualize my desired outcome and then create small consistent behavior patterns to support it. Time and trust will handle the rest. I build my way to my dreams with little daily efforts.

Please reflect and share. What small regular effort could you make to enhance your life and well-being?