Expect to be amazed.

Many of us see life as an unending unfoldment of the everyday. We get up, get ready for work, put in a workday, come home, relax, rinse, and repeat. Our lives seem to mostly consist of patterns and habits.

But we need to remember that what we are willing to perceive is what we experience. We tend to find what we are looking for, so if we expect life to be humdrum that is what we’ll see.

We can escape that trap by expecting the unexpected. Our evaluation of unanticipated events may class them as good or bad, but there certainly will be some happy surprises. The more we are willing to see them—chance encounters, lucky breaks, perfectly timed sunrises or sunsets, deals on items we need to purchase, offhand conversations that lead to important realizations—the more we will be consciously aware of their presence in our lives.

Today’s message advises me to be ready for the wondrous to appear. When I am primed to find the beautiful and amazing in my everyday life, it will make itself known to me. My wonder and awe generate miracles.

Please reflect and share. Are you ready to be amazed by life?