Precision kills creativity.

We’ve been told that precision is a virtue. And at times in life, it is vital—surgery, calculating spaceflights, machining engines. But often it isn’t as important as we might think. Precision usually only matters when it has long-term effects.

Creativity is how we direct life force. We use it to take an idea or concept and transform it into tangible reality. All the great advances for humans started with creativity. It’s how we enrich and improve the quality of our lives.

When we’re focused on being precise, we’re looking for an exact result. Creativity has an open-ended outcome. That’s its beauty. We don’t know where we’re headed, and we don’t have complete control over the outcome. Creativity has a life of its own.

Today’s message advises that creativity is how I grow. Engaging in more creative opens me to more joy in life.

Please reflect and share. How does creativity enrich you?